Muskego Skatepark

Muskego skatepark, WisconsinMuskego Skatepark has good transition, but is another park that feels cramped. It offers a Skatelite mini pipe, pyramid w/toprail, hubbas and banks. However, this park is missing some skatepark essentials, such as flat rails and ledges. Muskego skatepark does have a make-shift ledge on the corner of a deck that needs to be popped out of which is fun but makes learning difficult.

Muskego skatepark, WisconsinThis Skatepark does have a good amount of flow. The mini pipe has good transition, and it is fun to cruise around on. The only downside is that it is small in length. Also, the pyramid at Muskego is very mellow, which makes boosting that tre bomb a breeze.

Muskego skatepark, Wisconsin

Muskego skatepark is located right off of Moreland and Sandalwood Drive.

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