Phase II Brookfield – Closed

After 22 years we are sorry to say the Brookfield location is CLOSED. A huge thanks to all of our customers and employees who have made it happen for all these years! Please come check out our WAUWATOSA location at 7346 W. State St.  All gift cards and exchanges from Brookfield store can be handled there. See you in TOSA!!

– Mark

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wiskate is bringing the feed right to your Instagram accounts! Follow the handle @wiskatedotcom and witness what your local rippers have to offer.  These guys have been putting out great content for almost two decades and if you haven’t been to the website, you’re missing out on some of the best skateboarding going on in your area. Give them a follow and get connected to your local!Thanks to everyone at! 18 Years from Josh Ellis on Vimeo.

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Milwaukee Decks!

file_000-16Milwaukee Decks are in for the holidays at only $41.99!


Sizes are available from 7.1-8.5, give us a call if you’d like one on hold or have questions!

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Polarity Premier Update


Front Man Josh Oakes introducing the vid before he lets it drop.

Polarity packs a punch with dudes like Josh, Ethan, Kyle K. Geoff, and Dave Green! Great skating, editing, music, and homie vibe make it a video worth adding to the collection.

DM Josh HERE to grab a copy if you can’t wait to snag one before we get them in the shop!

Word has it that Polarity will be premiering in the Milwaukee area in the next couple of weeks so. Stay tuned on our Insta and Site to come support these dudes!


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– Acid Space Tools –

Image result for acid space tool

These new multi-tools from Acid Chem. Co are on the shelves and bring you all the essentials to fix up a board in a new and more compact design. Check out the link below to find out what they’re made of and stuff those stockings!

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