Wirth Skatepark (Brookfield)

Wirth Skatepark

Wirth skatepark is located way in the back of Wirth behind the water park and is enclosed by green fencing.  This concrete in-ground construction offers banks, quarter pipes, a pyramid with a top rail, step-up, hubbas, a C-ledge, and a bowl.

Wirth Skatepark

Due to problems with design interpretation when being built, some banks are steep and transition roughly to the bottom of the park. Spots where the transition is really rough are in front of the step-up and on the bank with the square top-rail. Beginners should watch out for these because they do jolt you when riding down, although there are ways to avoid some of them.

Wirth Skatepark


Wirth park’s bowl has several corners connected with a spine and a twinkie that kick into the extension. The coping is unevenly set back in some spots, but is still fun to cruise and grind on.


You can find Wirth park just past North Ave. heading North on Pilgrim.

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